The Constitutional Court has deemed inadmissible the petition to assess the violations of constitutional norms and principles by courts of law and the Central Electoral Commission in their decision to annul the legality of the Chisinau municipal elections that took place on 20 May 2018 (first round) and on 3 June 2018 (second round). Judgment Nr. 93 of 06.09.2018 on the inadmissibility of Petition Nr. 106b/2018 concerning the review of certain provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova is available here.
    The Coalition has issued an opinion on Draft Law Nr. 217 of 26.06.2018 (special rights for diaspora voters) – an initiative that aims to regulate certain practices that have been previously applied during elections in Moldova, and to transpose the 2017 Venice Commission recommendations, in order to guarantee an inclusive electoral process for diaspora citizens. Hence, the Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections recommends the Parliament to:
    The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections has decided to offer its support to the Legal Committee for appointments and immunities which has recently been tasked with conducting an ample analysis of the framework that was used to invalidate the Chisinau municipality new local elections. Hence, the Coalition has provided the Parliamentary Commission with an opinion statement concerning international examples on electoral campaigning regulation.

Parliamentary elections 2018

About Coalition

Who We Are

The Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections is a permanent, voluntary entity, comprised of civil society organizations from Moldova, whose aim is to contribute to the development of democracy in Moldova, through advocacy and implementation of free and fair elections according to the standards of ODIHR (OSCE), the European Council and its specialized affiliated institutions.

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Coalition Regulation

The Regulation stipulates the principles and rules that enable the Coalition to function as a permanent, voluntary entity comprised of civil society organizations from Moldova. Furthermore, it covers members’ rights and obligations, the procedure to join the Coalition, and the responsibilities of the Coalition Board and Secretariat.

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Coalition Members

The Coalition is comprised of 35 non-governmental organizations from Moldova, who have undersigned the Charter for Free and Fair Elections. The members are organizations with experience in the electoral field and elections related areas, united by the aspiration to improve our country’s democracy through ensuring free and fair elections.

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The Coalition Charter

The Charter for Free and Fair elections contains a series of standards advocated by the Coalition, striving to ensure a democratic election process, in accordance with the recommendations and good practices of OSCE/ODIHR, the European Council and the EU. Said standards cover legal and institutional frameworks, methods of organizing electoral competition, political party and mass media behavior, and principles for guaranteeing the right to vote for all voters’ categories.

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The current activity of the Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections is supported by the East Europe Foundation within the project “Civil society advocacy for inclusive and fair elections in Moldova, compliant with EU and OSCE/ODIHR recommendations and human rights commitments”, funded by the European Union and co-funded by the Government of Sweden.