Promo-LEX Association launches its Monitoring Effort for the 2014 Parliamentary Elections

On 25 September, the Promo-LEX Association announced the launching of its Monitoring Effort for the parliamentary elections on 30 November 2014, and released their first pre-electoral findings.

The first report covers the period between the parliamentary poll of 28 November 2010 and 24 September 2014, and presents information on the changes in the electoral legal framework, the key areas of the Promo-LEX monitoring analysis, and a summary of the latest findings of the observers.

Promo-LEX observers found the previous recommendations of domestic monitoring groups have been implemented partially and selectively. Only seven recommendations were fully implemented by the public authorities of the total of 21 recommendations put forward by Promo-LEX in its monitoring reports for the 28 November 2010 parliamentary election and 5 June 2011 local elections. The remaining 16 recommendations were not implemented and stay relevant.

For these elections, Promo-LEX aims to monitor the activities of electoral contestants, electoral administration and public authorities. 41 long term observers and 35 observation assistants will conduct election monitoring in all 36 constituencies between 15 September and 15 December 2014. On Election Day, Promo-LEX will deploy one short term observer to each polling station in Moldova.

The Monitoring Effort has found during the current reporting period that the potential electoral contestants undertook a number of activities with electoral connotations.

The purpose of election monitoring is to increase public confidence in the electoral process and help ensure free and fair elections in accordance with international standards and national legislation.

Promo-LEX is the only non-governmental organization registered as an observer for the 2014 parliamentary elections. Promo-LEX will monitor the entire electoral process and will release three monitoring reports prior to Election Day, a Quick Count report providing an alternative count of votes the next day after elections, a Campaign Finance Monitoring Report and a Final Report.

The Monitoring Effort of Parliamentary Elections of 30 November 2014 benefits of technical assistance from the National Democratic Institute (NDI), and is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), National Endowment for Democracy (NED), Council of Europe and Stefan Batory Foundation from the resource offered by the Solidarity Fund through “Support for Democracy” Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland. The opinions expressed in this report belong to the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the funders.

Report 1

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Report 1
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