Civic and Electoral Education

The main objective of the program is to contribute to the formation and consolidation of the citizens’ civic spirit by motivating them to participate actively in social life and offering them correct information on the electoral process. The program aims to promote the participation of citizens in political processes, to educate and to mobilize voters, etc.

The coalition will promote democratic and participatory values through civic and electoral education activities, by familiarizing them with the voting procedures and will promote the determination of the citizens to make a conscious choice.  In order to achieve these aims there will be used various means such as public debates, motivational spots (radio and TV debates, “commitment” posters), the information of the target groups of potential voters by accessible, appropriate and penetrable means (bus campaign, educational community actions, outdoor concerts, the website of the Coalition, etc.). The coalition will resort to the elaboration of social messages and the production of social materials, editing educational materials, dissemination of local and regional newspapers supplements for electoral and civic education topics. There will be stimulated the activity of third local and regional sector participation in civic activities. Next, we will present the projects of coalition members related to the civic and educational campaign.