Coaliția Civică pentru Alegeri Libere şi Corecte anunţă concurs de selectare a unui expert pentru evaluarea activităţii Coaliţiei

The evaluation will be conducted during the November, 2011 – January, 2012 time period. The overall objective of the evaluation is to provide an objective assessment of the achievements of Coalition’ interventions and projects in the period June, 2009 – October, 2011 and to suggest development ways and priority actions for the next 4 years Coalition’ strategy.

The key products expected from this evaluation are: (i) the evaluation methodology, which must be approved by the Coalition Council; (ii) a comprehensive evaluation report in English.

The evaluation will be carried out in partnership with an international expert and the design of the evaluation, working steps will be agreed between the national and international expert. The local evaluator should have relevant evaluation experience in the field of free and fair elections or related areas. The minimum requirements include:

  • Moldovan citizen / resident
  • Experience working in Moldova and/or other countries of the former Soviet Union is highly desirable;
  • Minimum three years of related experience;
  • Working experience  with international organizations would be an advantage;
  • Not a member of the Coalition
  • Fluency in English, Romanian and Russian.

The applicant should submit the following documents: (i) a CV reflecting the relevant experience of the applicant with at least 2 references; (ii) examples of previous evaluations performed by the applicant if applicable; (iii) short vision of achieving the task, including the evaluation methodology; (iv) a tentative timetable for preparation, field-work, analysis and finalization of the Report; (v) detailed budget for the evaluation in Euro (daily fee, travel costs, communications etc.).

The deadline for submissions is November 2, 2011. It is expected that the evaluation will be conducted throughout November, 2011 – January, 2012 with a preliminary draft report submitted to Coalition Secretariat by December 20, 2011.  The final report is planned to be due on January 15, 2012.

The application should be sent to the following address: 83, Bucuresti str., MD-2012, Chisinau, Moldova, or alternatively by e-mail: with “Coalition Evaluator” in the subject line.

For further information please consult the Terms of Reference attached to this announcement. All questions regarding this task shall be addressed in written to Mr. Nicolae Panfil, Secretary of the Coalition, at

Only selected candidates will be contacted.

Terms of Reference Coalition Evaluation
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