Newly elected local officials are trained on how to transform the electoral promises into good governance

The Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections launched a training campaign for the newly elected  local officials in the field of local public administration (LPA) through the National Assistance and  Information Center for NGOs CONTACT. The purpose of the campaign is to enhance the capacity of  local governments in the effective management of public affairs and to foster the democratization of  public life by promoting good practices in this area and by ensuring the transparency of decision-  making at the local level.

During the campaign at least 500 local counselors, mayors, officials of municipalities, heads of local public institutions and civil society leaders from selected localities will benefit from two days trainings on the principles of LPA operation, organizing the activity of LPA, management of the local public finances and heritage, involving citizens in decisions making and ensuring transparency of local governments etc. The training campaign runs from September 15 until November 30, 2011 and covers 25 locations across the country (North, Center, South, ATU Gagauzia), the first seven training sessions being already organized in several regions: September 15-16 in Telenesti, September 30 – October 1 in Calarasi, October 6-7 in  Soroca town, Strășeni town and Țiganca village (Cantemir), October 8-9 in Rosietici village ( Floresti), October 11 – 12 in Edineț town, following that by the end of November similar trainings in the remaining localities will be conducted (Lipcani town, Mihăileni village (Riscani), Chișcăreni village (Singerei), Varniţa village (Anenii-Noi), Boșcana village (Criuleni), Doroțcaia and Oxentea villages (Dubasari),  Comrat mun., Joltai, Tomai and Beșalma villages (ATU Gagauzia), Leova town, Basarabeasca town, Taraclia town and Tvardita village (Taraclia), Giurgiulesti and Colibaşi villages (Cahul), Cârpeşti village (Cantemir).

During the June 5, 2011 local elections campaign the Coalition organized a series of voter education seminars on the importance of citizens’ active participation in elections as well as local public debates with the participation of election competitors and citizens in the same 25 localities through the CONTACT Centre. By training the newly elected counselors and mayors in the post-election period the Coalition aims at helping them to perform better in their positions, so that the newly elected local officials are able to fulfill efficiently their electoral promises based on their communities’ interests.

The “Strengthening capacity of local authorities by training local elected officials” trainings are organized with the financial support of European Union Delegation to the Republic of Moldova in the framework of the “Domestic Election Monitoring and Voter Education in Moldova – Strengthening of Capacities and International Networking” project. The project is implemented by the National Assistance and Information Centre for NGOs in Moldova CONTACT, Promo-LEX Association and Partnership Development Center in partnership with European Exchange (Germany) under the Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections. Additional information on the local officials training campaign can be found on the Coalition website – and blog – or by contacting the project team: office phone – 274200, fax – 233947, e-mail: (Nicolae Panfil, Project Manager / Secretary of the Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections) or (Tatiana Platon, project assistant).