Promo-LEX Association has released the second pre-electoral Monitoring report on the early parliamentary elections

October 28, 2010. Promo-LEX Association has released the second pre-electoral Monitoring report on the early parliamentary elections. This report refers to the October 13 to October 25 period and describes the electoral environment, analyzes the electoral legislation and relevant regulations and presents the review of the findings made by the field observers. The report also formulates recommendations for the electoral stakeholders.

In the monitoring period, the mission found that the election authorities have shown an overall unbiased performance and, with a few exceptions, have met the time limits prescribed by the legislation. The Central Election Commission (CEC) registered new candidates and national observers. Also, the CEC received the first financial statements submitted by the electoral competitors.

The intensity of the election campaign in the first two weeks varied from region to region and depended largely on the activity of the electoral competitors. Observations showed that a small number of electoral competitors held activities of electoral nature. The first electoral incidents and the first instances of misuse by the competitors of administrative resources were recorded in this period.

The negative patterns of the electoral process identified by the observers were related to the conflict situations registered in a number of electoral districts; to the deficient financial reporting on the campaign expenses made by the candidates; to the insufficient number of places for the display of outdoor campaign advertising and violation of the advertising display rules by the electoral competitors; to the inadequate information efforts made by the local authorities concerning the possibility to verify the electoral rolls; and cases of aggressive treatment of voters by certain competitors.

The main recommendations formulated in the report concern the need for the CEC to settle differences within local election bodies, to create conditions for the display of electoral advertising; to carry out information and civic/electoral education campaigns to stimulate a high voter turnout, including on the eastern bank of the Nistru River; to run awarenes campaigns for the candidates about the importance of a peaceful and civilized behavior in the electoral process. The recommendations of the monitoring mission are formulated in good faith and aim to contribute to the improvement of the electoral process.

The monitoring of the early parliamentary elections, to take place on 28 November 2010, is a project implemented by the Promo-LEX Association within the framework of the Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections.
This project is implemented with technical and financial assistance from the United States Embassy in Moldova, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI). The opinions expressed in the report belong to the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the donors.

The report is available below.

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