Promo-LEX Association has released the third pre-electoral Monitoring report on the early parliamentary elections: Atmosphere in the electoral campaign is intensifying

As the electoral campaign intensifies, there have been cases found of intimidation against both electoral candidates and voters, according to a Promo-LEX report. Electoral candidates have been carrying out various electoral activities without hesitating to use administrative resources, and to offer “electoral gifts”.

During the monitoring period the CEC was found to have exercised its powers impartially. By the end of the time allowed, it had registered 40 electoral candidates, and had adopted and modified several instances of legislation, interpreting the law in force to the benefit of the visually impaired. Many and various forms of electoral campaigning have been recorded, though electoral candidates have relied mainly upon rallies, posters, and electoral broadcasts. Several concerts were also organized as part of various electoral campaigns.

The electoral candidates reported to the CEC, within the proper time-frame, on their use of resources from electoral funds. According to Promo-LEX observers, however, not one of the electoral candidates fulfilled the obligation to declare – in public announcements circulated nationally on a weekly basis- their financial resources and their other means of supporting their campaign activities. 12 of the 40 candidates registered in the electoral race were found to be using publicity material lacking in information that legally should be displayed.

Pavel Postica, deputy chief of the monitoring effort, stated: “The electoral campaign is intensifying in terms of the number and variety of campaign activities, a fact testifying to the seriousness of the electoral candidates’ involvement in the electoral race.”

The report found several deviations from the timetable proposed by the CEC with regard to the establishment of the electoral bodies, due to the late registration of the electoral candidates at the lower electoral bodies. Furthermore, the regulations for organizing the elections were not adjusted in line with the provisions of the Electoral code. This has led to shortcomings at the level of the lower territorial bodies when organizing voting for people who have both a visa for domicile and a visa for residence.

During the monitoring period, a series of cases was recorded involving intimidation and pressure against voters and electoral candidates, as well as many more instances where individuals were pressured into attending electoral campaign activities. Cases involving the use of administrative resources for campaigning and the offering of electoral “gifts” by candidates continue.

The report’s principal recommendations refer to the necessity of the CEC’s involvement in mediating conflicts between electoral candidates and members of the electoral bodies, and to starting measures to sensitize the electoral candidates regarding the necessity of conducting their electoral campaigns in a peaceful and civilized manner.

The report covers the period 25 October – November 8 2010, and brings together the findings of 42 long-term observers on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. The monitoring of the early parliamentary elections, scheduled for November 28, 2010, is a project carried out by the Promo-LEX Association as part of The Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections.

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The report is available below.