Promo-LEX: Quick Count anticipates election results

The Promo-LEX Association has carried out a Quick Count of the votes cast in the early parliamentary elections on 28 November 2010. The procedure was conducted on a nationally representative sample covering 299 polling stations out of the total 1,962. The sample was selected based on stratified simple random sampling.

The Quick Count results look as follows:

The Party of Communists of Moldova – 40.07%;
The Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova – 28.64%;
The Democratic Party of Moldova – 13.73%;
The Liberal Party – 8.90%;
Other competitors – 8.67%.

The Quick Count is a method for assessing the quality of the voting process and for forecasting the final outcome of the elections with maximum precision. The Quick Count both analyzes the conduct of the polling stations and predicts the options of the voters. The margin of error of the results is maximum 1% upon processing 100% of the sample’s data.

With the Quick Count conducted, Promo-LEX is concerned about the fact that at least one third of the protocols have been erroneously tabulated and that the electoral officials of 2nd and 3rd levels have limited knowledge about how to correct these errors.

In this context, Promo-LEX is recommending: to provide adequate training to PEB and DEC members both with regard to the procedures of voting and vote counting and with regard to the tabulation of the ballot protocols. At the same time, explicit provisions should be introduced to clarify the procedures of correcting erroneously tabulated protocols.

Promo-LEX is conducting its monitoring effort within the framework of the Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections. On election day the mission deployed 2,500 observers in all the polling stations across the country.

For additional details please contact: Cristina Nicolenco, Promo-LEX Press Officer, Phone: (22) 211622, GSM: 069882392, email:

Quick Count
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