Promo-LEX observers continue to report irregularities

According to the new findings of Promo-LEX’s observers, voting continued calmly between the hours of 11:00 and 17:00. Irregularities, however, continue to be reported. Observers have noted irregularities relating to voter secrecy and to the displaying of electoral material. Some observers have noted further instances of errors on the ballot papers. Furthermore, observers have noted cases in which officials have refused to present ballot papers to voters, and other cases in which the voters’ right to vote has been limited.

The majority of voting stations have functioned normally without any interruptions to the voting process, even if observers have noted some instances in which appeals have been made. Nevertheless, a suspension of around 10 minutes to the voting process was observed at voting station nr.236 in the municipality of Chisinau, where, owing to the fact that the ballot box had not been properly sealed at 07:00, it was necessary to unseal the box completely, to count the slips, and to re-seal the box again.

Promo-LEX observers continue to note cases similar to those reported in its first press release relating to the removal of curtains from voting booths (as noted at voting station nr.117 in Chisinau and voting station nr.3 in Ungheni). Similarly, new cases were reported involving individuals holding offices that are incompatible with their other functions.

As voting began earlier today, Promo-LEX observers noted many cases of continued political campaigning. Observers have continued to report new cases of political campaigning. At one point, at least 10 cases of political campaigning were noted in at least 4 electoral constituencies (Ungheni, Glodeni, Leova, Soroca). At least another ten cases were reported involving the selling of alcoholic drinks in the vicinity of voting stations.

Observers have noted mistakes on the voting slips in at least another two voting stations.
In the interval in question (i.e. 11:00 – 17:00) Promo-LEX observers noted cases in which members of the electoral bodies gave evidence of inadequate training, which led to certain deviations from the norms of the electoral, and instances in which PEB members dealt with similar situations in different ways.
Observers reported one isolated case in which administrative resources were used on the day of the election. The president of the rayon of Dubăsari, relieved from office for the campaign period, used during the course of the day the rayonal service car (registration RM A 300).

Several cases were recorded in which transport to the voting stations had been organised for voters. Such cases were noted in Comrat, in the village of Feşteliţa in the rayon of Stefan Voda, and in the village of Fîrlădeni in the rayon of Căuşeni.

According to the first results of the Quick Count, a process for evaluating the general quality of the vote, the rule that electoral material should not be displayed within 50 metres of the voting station was adhered to at 86% of the voting stations, while at 14% of the voting stations this provision was violated. Regarding the provision that voting booths should be arranged so as to ensure voter privacy, in 96% of cases the voting booths were managed appropriately, while in 4% of cases they were not.

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