Media Monitoring

The main objective of the program is to contribute to the creation of the conditions for a free, fair, transparent and democratic electoral process by monitoring the way the election campaign is reflected by the main television  and radio channels, by printed and electronic media in Moldova; by contributing to the determination of Mass Media to respect the international principles and standards reflecting the electoral campaign as well as to the formation of their professional skills to provide in an unbiased, impartial and balanced way political and election actors.

The Coalition aims to monitor both the behavior of national and local Media during the election campaign as well as to monitor the possible abuses against these institutions. The monitoring will provide data about the actions of the Central Election Commission (CEC) and the Audiovisual Coordinating Council (ACC) in conformity with the Mass-Media institutions. The monitoring results will be promptly announced to the public, the local and international Mass-Media, the electoral candidates, the national and international observers, and the diplomatic community.