Promo-LEX: Many irregularities in the first hours of voting

Promo-LEX observers report that voting stations were opened according to the proper legal procedures. However, as of 11:00, many types of violations have been noted relating to the conduct of the electoral process:

Promo-LEX observers report several cases of continued electoral campaigning in the vicinity of the following voting stations (VS): VS 34/26 in Leuşeni, Teleneşti rayon; VS 155 Chişinău; VS 27 in Marinici, Nisporeni rayon; VS 28/58 in Rădoaia, Sîngerei rayon).

One instance of physical aggression – During the morning of June 19, in the vicinity of VS 288, Stăuceni, 3 young men were caught defacing the campaign posters of one electoral candidate. The young men were beaten with rifle butts, and taken to hospital in a state of unconsciousness. The identities of the three young men, and of those who beat them, are not yet known.

Organised transportation of voters – Cases of transport to voting stations being organised for voters (by interested parties) were noted at VS 55 in Comrat, VS 56 in Dezghingea and VS 6/22 in Drepcăuți. The minibuses transporting the voters bore the electoral poster of one or another electoral candidate.

Attempt at multiple voting – one case reported at VS 266 Vatra, Chişinău.

Alcoholic drinks sold in the vicinty of voting stations, and disturbances to public order – at least 10 cases (for example: at VS 187 Ciocana, Chişinău; at a VS in Tătărăuca Nouă, Soroca rayon; at VS 18/12 in Caşunca, Floreşti rayon; at rayon-based District Electoral Council (DEC) 36 in Comrat; at VS 17 in Ceadîr-Lunga). At VS 16 in Botanica, Chişinău, many people who had been consuming alcohol caused a disturbance in the vicinty and on the premises of the voting station, intimidating both Precinct Electoral Bureau (PEB) members and observers.

Many types of irregularities found on the electoral rolls – In some cases, certain citizens’ signatures were already on the electoral rolls, despite the fact that they had yet to exercise their right to vote (VS 236 Rîşcani; VS 108 Buiucani). Other people found the names of unknown persons registered at their places of residence on the rolls (VS 236 Rîşcani). Likewise, one case was reported in which the name of a deceased person appeared on the electoral roll (VS 236 Rîşcani)

Errors on the ballot papers – at least one case was reported in which mistakes were found on the ballot papers: Namely, in the village of Condrăteşti, Ungheni rayon, the name of one candidate was misspelled on the ballot papers.

Improper storage of ballot papers – At VS 13, in the village of Camenca, Glodeni rayon, the ballot papers were stored in a safe located in an office neighbouring the office housing the voting station. At VS 27/1, in Rîșcani, certain voters received the stamp from the first round of local elections (dated June 5th 2011) rather than the correct stamp for the second round of voting, showing the date June 19th, 2011.

Observer’s access obstructed – at VS 244 in the sector of Rîşcani, Chişinău, one Promo-LEX observer was prevented from moving freely through the voting station.

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