Promo-LEX: The end of Election Day marked by new incidents

At the close of voting, serious incidents representing violations of proper voting procedure have been recorded. Promo-LEX is in particular concerned at reported cases of multiple voting, electoral campaigning and the displaying of campaign material in and around voting stations, and at certain deficiencies in the performance of members of the Precinct Electoral Bureau (PEB), and of public functionaries.

Multiple Voting

Promo-LEX observers reported several cases of multiple voting and attempted multiple voting.

The name of voter Petru Știrbate, the president of Territorial Organization of the PLDM from the village of Orhei, was identified on two electoral lists from two voting stations: at Voting Station (VS) nr.67 in Lucașeuca (under the Orhei District Electoral Commission (DEC)), (number 1498 on the electoral list) and at VS nr.11 in the city of Orhei (Orhei DEC) (nr. 650 on the electoral list). According to the lists, Petru Ştirbate voted in both voting stations. The signatures given in the name of the voter in question apparently do not match, although the personal details are identical. Petru Ştirbate declared in public that he voted at the voting station in the city of Orhei, while a Promo-LEX observer confirmed that Ştirbate voted at the voting station in Lucaşeuca. In connection with this, the Democratic Party has submitted a notification on the basis of which a minute has been drawn up, and the matter has been sent to the relevant investigatory bodies.

Voter Ana Maler attempted to vote twice at VS nr.40 in Varniţa, (Anenii Noi DEC), but when she was given the voting slip, she was identified by an observer from the Democratic Party. Afterwards, it was confirmed that the lady had already voted, and she was not allowed to vote again.

At VS nr.212 in the city of Chisinau, a person registered on the basic electoral lists attempted to vote repeatedly two hours after first voting, presenting a new accompanying document to his ID. Members of the PEB, recognising the voter in question, stopped them from voting for a second time

The display of campaign material

Reports from Promo-LEX observers reported several cases in which campaign material belonging to the Liberal Party, the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova and the Social Democratic Party was displayed in and around two voting stations in Chisinau.

Performance of PEB members

Multiple cases were found in which members of the PEB acted inappropriately, making decisions that lacked legal backing.

  • At VS nr. 296 in Trușeni (Chișinău DEC), it was decided to make two ballot boxes from cardboard, bound with tape, after the original boxes had become full;
  • At VS nr. 15 in Horodiște (Dondușeni DEC), the secretary of the PEB Gandrabură Anatolie, talked to several voters before the latter had entered the voting booths;
  • At VS nr. 6 in the city of Chişinău, a Promo-LEX observer was denied access to the electoral list on the grounds that this would violate the secrecy of the voting;
  • At VS nr.1 in Sângerei (Sângerei DEC), the ballot box was opened before the closure of the voting station, on the grounds that the original ballot box had become full, while the voting slips were sealed in sacks. The president of the Sângerei DEC was present while this was done.

The conduct of public functionaries

Separate cases were found in which public functionaries were involved in campaign activities. At VS nr.44 in Stolniceni (Edineț DEC), the mayor, Timoșca, carried out campaign activities on behalf of the PCRM throughout the day.

Within 100 metres’ of VS nr.12 in Ciobalaccia (Cantemir DEC), PLDM party member Percin, who holds the office of rayonal councillor, encouraged voters to vote for the PLDM.

Voting Procedure

Promo-LEX observers reported violations of proper voting procedures. Cases were reported in which voters voted on the basis of documents other than those stipulated by the law. In many voting stations students were refused the right to vote on the grounds that they were not included on the basic lists, while in other voting stations voting secrecy was not guaranteed, citizens entering in pairs into the voting booths.

Voting with the mobile ballot box

There have been separate cases of irregular voting in connection with the mobile ballot box.

  • At VS nr. 2 in Basarabeasca (Basarabeasca DEC), PEB members left with two mobile ballot boxes at different times, contrary to proper procedure;
  • At VS nr.11 in Căpriana (Strășeni DEC), it was found that a social worker had submitted 43 requests to vote at home, but only 16 voters exercised their right to vote in this way;
  • Members of the PEB at VS nr.145 in Chisinau (Chisinau DEC), lacking written requests and medical certificates, were contacted by phone by the director of the railway hospital, who requested the mobile ballot box, specifying that 79 voting slips were needed. Afterwards, the ballot box was sent with 82 voting slips.

Electoral campaigning

Promo-LEX observers continued to report cases of electoral campaigning on behalf of electoral candidates in or around certain voting stations.

  • At VS nr.26 in Piatra Albă (Ialoveni DEC), a representative of the PCRM was found to be conducting activities;
  • At VS nr.25 in Mileștii-Mici (Ialoveni DEC) Nicolai Andronache, a candidate for the office of deputy on the Liberal Party lists was conducting campaign activities near the voting station alongside other representatives of the Liberal Party;
  • At VS nr.5 in Basarabeasca (Basarabeasca DEC), the president of the Youth Organisation of the PCRM in the area encouraged voters to vote for the party he was representing;
  • In the town of Edineț, text messages were being sent bearing the message: “Vote for victory, vote for Lupu”;
  • In the village of Șerpeni (Anenii Noi DEC), in front of the shop ‘MOLDCOOP’ in the centre of the village, near the voting station, a table had been laid out with glasses of alcoholic drinks, and a person was encouraging voters to vote for the PCRM;
  • At VS nr.16 in Ciobanovca (Anenii Noi DEC), two voters, one of whom was drunk, were encouraging people to vote for the PCRM, at different times;
  • At VS nr.15 in Horodişte (Donduşeni DEC), the local PEB secretary was campaigning on behalf of a particular candidate. All the party observers submitted notifications;
  • At VS nr.6 in Ialoveni (Ialoveni DEC), members of the Liberal Party were found serving vodka to voters within 100 metres of the voting station;
  • At VS nr.24 in Colibabovca, (Leova DEC), the candidate for the Democratic Party was handing out fliers.

Performance of observers

Cases were recorded in which observers, present on behalf of the electoral candidates, carried out campaign activities on the premises of the voting stations.

The Promo-LEX monitoring effort is being carried out as part of the Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections. For the election day, 2500 observers recruited from all over the country have been trained, and deployed to all the voting sections in the Republic of Moldova.

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