Promo-LEX observers, reporting on events in the conduct of the election up to 11.00am, have already reported many irregularities. These concern, in the main, the late opening of voting sections, the lack of heating, the presence of security forces in the voting sections, and the displaying of electoral material in the vicinity of voting stations.

Promo-LEX reports problems with the opening of certain voting stations

A number of voting sections in the country opened late. Voting Station (VS) 32, in Caplani, VS 16 in Olăneşti (both under the Ştefan Vodă District Electoral Commission (DEC)), and VS 43 in Larga (Anenii Noi DEC) opened after 7.20am.

Also, violations of the opening procedures were recorded at many voting stations:

  • At VS 55 in Dezghingea (Utag DEC), the voting slips were not counted in front of the observers, and neither were the electoral lists and voting slips distributed to members of the Precinct Electoral Bureau (PEB).
  • at VS 56 in Dezghingea (Utag DEC), whilst preparing the voting section, members left the voting slips unsupervised. Later the voting slips were given to members of the BESV without the latter signing for their receipt. The verbal process for preparing the voting section was inserted into the ballot box at 7.03am
  • At VS 32/4 in Alava (Ştefan Vodă DEC), the members of the PEB did not certify the registration of the observers.
  • At the voting sections in Bălăbăneşti, Zăicana and Boşcana (Criuleni DEC), the members of the PEB did not certify the registration of the observers.

Promo-LEX observers found deviations from the electoral procedures relating to the ballot boxes at some voting stations. At the VS in Hagimus (Căuşeni DEC), the president of the PEB ordered that the ballot box be moved at 10.00, without allowing any observers to be present at the procedure.

Lack of heating at voting sections

In at least 35 voting sections in the country, Promo-LEX observers reported a lack of heating. Amongst the voting sections lacking heating were: VS 54 in Coşeni (Ungheni DEC); VS 251 in Codru (Chişinău DEC); 17 sections in the Sîngerei DEC; the voting section in Şirăuţi (Briceni DEC); and 15 voting sections (out of 47) in the Drochia DEC.

Unauthorised people present in voting stations

The presence of unauthorised people was recorded in many voting sections:

  • At VS 32/4 in Alava (Ştefan Vodă DEC), there were people without clearance.
  • At VS 56 in Dezghingea (Utag DEC), for a period of 40 minutes, a person was present who had no clearance to be there.
  • At VS 28 in Avdarma (Utag DEC), a person without any visible credentials was asking voters about who they had voted for.
  • At VS 32/4 in Alava (Ştefan Vodă DEC), people without clearance were present.
  • In at least three voting sections, reresentatives of the police were observed (at VS 55 in Dezghingea (Utag DEC); at the VS in Grigorevca (Căuşeni DEC); and at VS 285 in Goiana (Chişinău DEC)

Electoral candidates are continuing to conduct campaign activities

In the rayon of Criuleni, on the Chișinău –Criuleni highway, a bus bearing an electoral poster for the PCRM party was circulating.  Promo-LEX observers recorded the presence of campaign posters within 50 metres of many voting sections in the country:

  • VS 12 in Cimișeni (Criuleni DEC) (a campaign poster for the PCRM was observed);
  • VS 19 in Dubasarii Vechi (Criuleni DEC) (a campaign poster for the PLDM was observed);
  • VS 32 in Semionovca (Ştefan-Vodă DEC);
  • VS 14 in Coșernița (Criuleni DEC) (a campaign poster for the PLDM was observed).

Citizens from Corjova once again have encountered obstacles in realising their right to vote

The Transnistrian militsia have installed more checkpoints, surrounded the village and tightened and intensified control at these checkpoints. “We consider these actions to be an attempt to intimidate voters. In the reports released during the campaign period we warned that such a situation could occur”, said Ion Manole.

At this time, Promo-LEX has collected data from the observers at the voting stations were a Quick Count is being conducted. Observers have reported that 99% of voting sections in the country opened on time, with 1% of voting stations opening for voting after 7.15am. In 2% of the voting sections involved in the Quick Count sample, Promo-LEX observers were denied access into the voting sections at the time of opening.

The Promo-LEX Monitoring Effort is implemented within the framework of the Civic Coalition for Free and Fair Elections. For Election-Day Promo-LEX has deployed 2500 observers throughout Moldova, covering all voting stations.

For further details contact: Cristina Nicolenco, Promo-LEX press officer: Tel: (22) 211622, GSM: 069882392, email: