Final observations on the voting

The Promo-LEX Association, presenting its final observations on the voting process (covering the period from 17:00 up to the close of voting), notes that the voting process by and large proceded smoothly. Nevertheless, observers continued to report instances of continued electoral campaigning, and problems with the electoral rolls. Further instances of voters attempting to take voting slips outside the voting stations were also recorded, as were cases in which voters photographed their ballot papers in the voting booths.

The majority of voting stations closed at the proper time, 21:00. In at least 4 voting stations, however, voting continued for 30 minutes after this time (at three voting stations in Chisinau, and in Bulboci, Soroca rayon).

There were further instances of electoral officials holding additional offices or functions that conflicted with their responsibilities as actors in the electoral process – for example in the village of Izvoară, Sângerei rayon; in the village of Corjova, Dubăsari rayon; and in Valea Norocului, Bălți rayon.

As voting began earlier today, Promo-LEX observers reported a large number of instances of continued electoral campaigning. The monitoring mission continued to register more cases of continued political campaigning, a further 10 cases being reported for the period covered by this latest report (from 17:00 up to the close of voting).

A further attempt to take ballot papers outside the voting station was recorded at voting station nr.255 in Durlesti, Chisinau, where, following the intervention of the PEB president, the ballot paper was nevertheless introduced into the ballot box. Likewise, a further instance of alcoholic drinks being sold in the vicinity of a voting station was registered at voting station nr.30 in Lingura, Cantemir rayon.

At least 5 more cases were reported in the latter period of voting in which electoral officials demonstrated insufficient knowledge of the correct voting procedures.

A refusal to grant ballot papers to voters, and other instances in which certain voters’ right to vote was limited were reported at voting station nr.15/2 in Cocieri, voting station nr.53 in the village of Moscovei (Cahul rayon), and in the village of Micăuţi, Străşeni rayon.

Further instances of transport to voting stations being organised for voters were noted in the village of Zgordesti, Telenesti rayon; in the village of Zubresti, Straseni rayon; in the village of Chirca, Anenii Noi rayon; in the village of Fîrlădeni, Căuşeni rayon; in the town of Criuleni; in the town of Taraclia; in the village of Izbiste, Criuleni rayon; and in Borogani, Leova rayon.

More seriously, at voting station nr.11 in the town of Comrat, PEB members were observed copying the details of voters who had not presented themselves at the voting station. These details were subsequently passed on to unknown persons outside the premises of the voting station. Promo-LEX observers continued to register cases in which the electoral rolls had been drawn up with errors (at least 7 cases).

In the city of Balti, at voting station nr.39, a voter was seen taking photographs in the voting booth. The section head of the voting station addressed the voter, and the latter erased the photos.

Observers reported conflict situations at 2 voting stations: voting station nr. 26/37 in Soloncei, Rezina rayon, and at voting station nr.9 in Başcalia, Basarabeasca rayon.

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